Custom Size Pillow Covers

All of our custom pillow covers, wedge, neck roll shams are made to your size with the measurements that you provide and crafted with concealed zipper construction for easy fit and removal. Custom pillow covers are ideal as throw pillows, daybed wedges or bolsters, etc. We provide you with a custom cover service that is unrivaled in the industry.

Price includes: Our fabric and Labor.

Select from patterns below:

Stretch Midnight Custom Pillow Cover 702
47-702 99

Made to Shape & Size

Twillo Bone Custom Pillow Cover 115

Made to Shape & Size

Alinea Pompeii Custom Pillow Cover 81
47-081 99

Made to Shape & Size

The beauty of custom pillow covers is its unique ability to mesh with just about any part of your home. Thanks to our diverse selection of custom pillow covers, you can make any of your pillows fit effortlessly in your home. Whether you want to match your pillow with one of our cushion slipcovers or want to create some unique contrast, our variety gives you all of the tools you need.
Our fabrics range from cotton to denim, allowing you to design the pillow cover that makes you most comfortable. From classic patterns to loud, artistic designs, we have something for everyone.