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A new generation of slipcovers that are Easy to Fit or remove. Designed for use on armless furniture or furniture with arms. Perfect for conventional furniture, or any futon frame in metal or wood. Simple, yet ingeniously designed slipcover completely conceals the front and the back of the frame to provides a completely upholstered look. This slipcover works on both, convertible and non convertible furniture. One piece, elasticized skirted construction keeps cushions in place and creates finished appearance. Those who have used zippered covers before know the frustration. Easy Fit® slipcover is sewn in such a way that you will no longer have to struggle. Now you can apply or remove this slipcover in less than a minute.

What is 5pc Pack? Full 5 Pc Set Includes: 1 Full size slipcover, 2 Square 20x20 pillows & 2 Neck Rolls 9" x 20". These are Complete pillows, that include a Shams and a pillow forms.

What is Skirted futon slipcover?
Skirted Slipcover is also known as Skirted futon slipcover. Unlike traditional zippered cover for futon, this Skirted futon slipcover completely conceals the front and the back of the frame and provides an upholstered look. It also offers back and a front skirt. The front skirt may be folded under the futon for exposed front appearance. It is zipper-less, so you can apply or remove it in less then 30 Seconds! (We have done it).
Whether you’re looking for something elegant to polish off the look at your living room or den will satisfy all of your needs with our selection of Skirted Slipcovers for futons. When you need long lasting denim, cheap cottons that are also easy to clean we got them all. Our skirted futon covers are durable and will beatify any household. From large to small, we offer discounted futon slipcovers in a full selection of sizes and colors as well. Get the right fit and size for your futon with patented futon slipcover.
Why Do You Need a Skirted Futon Cover?
Crafted upholstery grade fabric blends, skirted futon covers are specifically constructed to protect futons from dirt and spills. Though made of fabric such as cotton, suede, denim or leather vinyl a futon cover creates a physical barrier between your futon and exterior elements.

Why should I by futon cover from you website?
We are the manufacturer of all covers shown on this site, therefore we can offer you best selection, immediate shipping and deep discounts, especially on futon cover that is overstocked or pattern discontinued. All are made of upholstery type fabric, we do not use cheap sheeting or poplin. We are proud that our futon cover is made right here in USA!

What sizes are available?
Unlike other web sites we offer skirted futon covers in all standard sizes. All available with matching futon pillows! By the way we also make covers in custom sizes!
  What are the fabric choices?

Our website offers skirted futon covers to satisfy any taste, we physically inventory stock of more than 400+ different fabrics and patterns that include popular categories of solid futon covers, floral futon covers, leather futon covers and micro suede, all available with matching bolsters and pillows.

How Do You Care for Futon Covers?
Caring for futon cover and pillow covers is simple. For most, just machine wash on warm, and gently tumble dry. Do not use bleach. Futon cover just like any garment has washing instruction label - follow recommended washing procedures. We recommend you wash your futon cover three or four times per year.