Daybed Cover - How to Measure

Daybed cover is made for twin size mattress: 39” X 75” X (21”standard skirt)

FutonsTogo FAQ: What is 5pc Set?  5 Pc Pillow Set Includes: 1 Daybed cover, 2 Square 20x20 pillows & 2 Neck Rolls 9" x 20".
These are Complete pillows, that include a Shams and a pillow forms.

Those who have made up a daybed before know the frustration of tucking excess fabric down the back of the daybed.
Easy Fit® daybed cover is sewn in such a way that you will no longer have to struggle. Made with a split kick pleat in the front and tailored corners, day bed slipcovers cover the top of the mattress and drop to the floor on three sides of your daybed - the front and both ends.

Note : Prices shown are for a Standard skirt height of 21". For other Skirt height, use drop down box next to daybed cover size. Custom skirt heights are made to order and are subject to additional cost and are NOT Returnable.

All Daybed covers are shipped within 2 business days
- Regardless of Skirt height!

No matter if you call them daybed covers or high riser covers:
They will make your bedroom look great while protecting your mattress.

Daybeds have long been an everyday bed in many bedrooms, now days you do not need to have your great grandmother’s, out dated daybed covering. Great selection of daybed covers and pillows that will make your daybed stylish, beautiful and classy, besides of being comfortable to use as bed on sofa. We offer vast selection of daybed covers to appeal to all styles and tastes. So if you looking for a bed that can also be used as a sofa in your bedroom consider a daybed.

What is a Daybed Cover?
Daybed covers are made especially for daybeds also known as highrisers. Daybed consists of the deck for the mattress and side rails on three sides. daybed frame may have trundle underneath of bed for additional sleeping. The construction of daybed cover consists of top fabric panel that covers the top of the mattress, and skirt that drops all the way from the mattress top to the floor on the front three sides, it also has shorter skirt in the back. Daybed covers give the daybeds a more custom look and appearance of sofa, rather then a bed.

What is a included in daybed cover set?
Daybed daybed cover sets include a daybed cover, two square pillows and two cylindrical bolster pillows (also known as neck rolls), all with zipper and pillow forms. If you need more pillows you can purchase them separately.

What are the dimensions of daybed covers?
Standard daybed cover measures 39 inches wide and 75 inches long, another words it uses conventional twin size mattress or a twin futon. Standard bed skirt measures 21 inches tall, when measuring from top of the mattress and down to the floor. The larger size custom covers and different height skirts are available in most cases for additional cost.

What is a bolster pillow?
Bolster is cylindrically shaped pillow also known as Neck Roll pillow. It is 9 inches in diameter and 21 inches long. Zipper is installed along the length. This is a Complete pillow, that includes a Sham and a pillow form. These cylinder pillows can be the same fabric as your cover, or a contrasting color.

Can I buy custom wedge pillow covers?
Custom size and wedge pillow covers are available, both made custom to your size and shape. Aside from these two basic styles, we carry t -cushion slipcovers and round pillow covers for papasan and round beds in fabrics ranging from solid cotton to microfiber.